Description of the Forum Process

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In 2012, and for the first time in the Mediterranean, 300 key players involved in the marine environment meet from 25 to 28 November 2012 in Antalya, Turkey to share their experiences, discuss and develop a joint work program to improve, by 2020, the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

From the 21 riparian states, representatives of national environmental agencies, fishing and tourism, land managers, scientists, non-governmental organizations, local economic actors and institutions European, Mediterranean and international will exchange to find solutions to the challenges raised by marine biodiversity preservation in the Mediterranean while supporting local economies.

The 2012 Forum Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean is a joint initiative of the Network of Marine Protected Areas Managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN) and its partners (CBD Secretariat, WWF, IUCN, Agence française des Aires Marines Protégées, Conservatoire du Littoral, ACCOBAMS, MedPartnership, GFCM, SAD, TUDAV), the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC / SPA), the Turkish General Directorate for Protection of Natural Assets and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Turkey.

The participants developed a Roadmap to support the achievement of the international objective set by the Convention of Biological Diversity to protect 10% of the Mediterranean sea though an effective network of MPAs by 2020. This Roadmap called on all MPA stakeholders (managers, policy makers, scientists, private actors, civil society) to implement the key actions at the local, national and Mediterranean level for structuring and pragmatic results.

A reviewed version of the 2012 Roadmap was formally adopted by the Parties to the Barcelona Convention early 2016 to strengthen the Regional Programme of work for Coastal and Marine Protected Areas approved in 2009 by the Barcelona Convention in Marrakesh.

In 2016, a second edition of the Mediterranean Marine Protected Area Forum took place from 28 November to 1 December in Tangier, Morocco to assess the implementation of the Roadmap. Participants debated around the crucial questions that MPAs face: What should still be done to conserve by 2020 at least 10% of the Mediterranean Sea through effectively managed MPAs and other area-based conservation measures? How to adress MPA issues with a long-term and integrated vision?

The 2016 Forum of Marine Protected Areas was co-organised by the network of Marine Protected Areas Managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN), the Regional Activity Centre for Specially Protected Areas (RAC/SPA), and the Moroccan Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification (HCEFLCD), in partnership with many national and international organisations (IUCN, WWF, Conservatoire du littoral, ACCOBAMS, Plan Bleu, Europarc Federation, AAMP, Ville de marseille, CEPF, CE & PNUE/PAM, MAVA Foundation, FFEM, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, FAO-GFCM, MedWet, Tour du Valat, AGIR).

The participants released the Tangier Declaration after having reviewed the MPA progress achieved in the last four years, discussed the remaining challenges to 2020, considered recent global, regional and sub-regional marine policy developments regarding the ecosystem approach, sustainable development and climate change issues, and considered the recommendations from the different sessions of the Forum.

The Roadmap was then updated with the most recent institutional framework and a new strategic objective related to the role of MPAs as a marine spatial management tool in supporting ecosystem-based adaptation and mitigation to climate change.  Key operational and action-oriented steps, will also be considered, to improve and help achieve the Roadmap objectives by 2020.


The third Mediterranean MPA Forum will take place in 2020.

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