2016 Forum programme

Programme of the 2016 MPA Forum and the roadmap evaluation process. Last update 5/8/2016

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2016 Forum overview - powerpoint

Overview Powerpoint presentation on the 2016 Forum

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Proceedings of the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean http://medmpaforum.org/sites/default/files/medpan-mpa_2012-actes-en-web.pdf PDF icon Proceedings of the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean 257|Forum 2012
The Status of the Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean Sea 2012
The aim of this study is to evaluate in 2012 the progress that has been made, since the first inventory done in 2008, on the Mediterranean system of MPAs in view of the above mentioned objectives: does the network cover 10% of the Mediterranean, is it representative of the Mediterranean’s diversity, are MPAs well-connected and well managed?
MedPAN RAC/SPA - MedPAN Collection, 2013
Authors: Catherine Gabrié, Erwann Lagabrielle, Claire Bissery, Estelle Crochelet, Bruno Meola, Chloë Webster, Joachim Claudet, Aurore Chassanite, Sophie Marinesque, Philippe Robert, Madeleine Goutx et Caroline Quod.C/SPA
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Report: The creation of marine parks in the Mediterranean as a means of preserving biodiversity.


The Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean[i] - Committee on Energy, Environment and Water – released a report stressing the importance of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean region among other tools and measures.

[i] The Parliamentary Assembly - Union for Mediterranean (PA-UfM) is a consultative body including MPs from the European Parliament and from national parliaments in UfM countries and is the parliamentary dimension of the UfM.  


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Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Roadmap


The Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas Roadmap was finalized following a wide consultation process started before the 2012 Forum of Marine Protected Areas in the Mediterranean (25-28 November, Antalya, Turkey). The whole process was coordinated by the MedPAN Organization in collaboration with its historical partners (RAC-SPA, UNEP-MAP, WWF, IUCN). 

This strategic roadmap to reach by 2020 the international objectives set by the Convention on Biological Diversity initiates unprecedented commitment for coordination in the Mediterranean region, between all the stakeholders technically and politically involved in the conservation of the marine environment in order to ensure sustainable development.
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Addressing the mismatches of scale in biodiversity conservation


In order to meet future biodiversity conservation targets, it is important to address the challenge of mismatches between ecological and governance scales. This issue was explored in an expert workshop held by the EU-funded SCALES project in late 2010, designed to encourage dialogue between biodiversity policymakers and scientists. Biodiversity experts working in governance and science have called for greater integration of policy sectors, geographical levels and academic disciplines. This would help ensure policy decisions realistically reflect complex relationships between cological and governance processes in order to meet future biodiversity targets. 
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The MedPAN network's 2013-2017 strategy.

The MedPAN network's 2013-2017 strategy presented during the focus session 2013-2017 Mediterranean MPA network strategy.

Organisateur: Association MedPAN


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Long-term Sustainable Funding Options for the Mediterranean MPA Network.

Long-term Sustainable Funding Options for the Mediterranean MPA Network presented during the focus session 2013-2017 Mediterranean MPA network strategy.

Organiser: MedPAN Association


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