Tangier declaration and MPA Forum recommendations

Read the Tangier declaration and the Forum recommendations, available in 3 languages !


For the second time in the Mediterranean, 300 key players involved in the marine environment meet from 28 November to 1stDecember 2016 in Tangier, Morocco, to share their experiences, discuss and develop a joint work program to improve, by 2020, the protection of the Mediterranean Sea.

Coming from all over the Mediterranean, representatives of national environmental agencies, fishing and tourism, land managers, scientists, non-governmental and civil society organisations, local economic actors and European, Mediterranean and international institutions will exchange to find solutions to the challenges raised by marine biodiversity preservation in the Mediterranean while supporting local economies.


They released the Tangier declaration that will be used to update the 2020 MPA Roadmap elaborated at the 2012 MPA Forum in Antalya. This Roadmapaimsto support the achievement of the international objective set by the Convention on Biological Diversity to protect 10% of the Mediterranean Sea through an effective network of MPAs by 2020.


The participants released the Tangier Declaration after having reviewed the MPA progress achieved in the last 4 years, discussed the remaining challenges to 2020, considered recent global, regional and sub-regional marine policy developments regarding the ecosystem approach, sustainable development and climate change issues, and considered the recommendations from the different sessions of the Forum.