2016 MPA Forum Organisers and Partners

Many thanks to all the partners of the 2016 MPA Forum who contributed to the success of our event !



The 2016 MPA Forum was co-organised by: 


MedPAN: www.medpan.org


RAC/SPA: www.rac-spa.org


HCEFLCD: www.eauxetforets.gov.ma



Technical and financial Partners :


IUCN: www.iucn.org


WWF: www.wwf.org


Conservatoire du littoral : www.conservatoire-du-littoral.fr


ACCOBAMS: www.accobams.org


Plan Bleu : www.planbleu.org


Europarc Federation : www.europarc.org


AAMP : www.aires-marines.fr


Ville de marseille : www.marseille.fr


CEPF : www.cepf.net


EC & UNEP/MAP: www.ec.europa.eu & www.web.unep.org/unepmap


MAVA Foundation: www.mava-foundation.org


FFEM: www.ffem.fr


Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation : www.fpa2.org




with the technical collaboration of :


FAO-GFCM : www.fao.org/gfcm




other Partners :


MedWet : www.medwet.org


Tour du Valat :www.tourduvalat.org


AGIR : www.agir-env.org