Mid-term (2016) evaluation of the MPA Roadmap

The 2016 MPA Forum is the occasion for a mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the 2012-2020 Roadmap ..

The Roadmap developed during the first Forum in Antalya (Turkey) in 2012 calls for urgent action to achieve the 2020 targets established in the framework of international, Mediterranean and European commitments. The Roadmap calls on all stakehoders in MPAs (managers, policy makers, scientists, private actors, civil society) to implement the key actions at the local, national and Mediterranean level for structuring and pragmatic results.


This Roadmap thus intends to contribute to the improvement of decision-making processes and programmes already established within several conventions, policies and agreements (Barcelona Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity, European policies, etc.). The Roadmap was formally adopted by the Parties to the Barcelona Convention early 2016 to strengthen the Regional Programme of work for Coastal and Marine Protected Areas approved in 2009 by the Barcelona Convention.


This second Forum of Mediterranean MPAs is an opportunity for a mid-term assessment (4 years before the 2020 deadline) of the implementation of the Roadmap. This will also be the opportunity to update the Roadmap by integrating the issues of the Convention on Climate Change and taking into account the new international agreements adopted since 2012 such as the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Many players were contacted in June 2016 in the context of this evaluation via a questionnaire aiming at identifying the actions implemented since 2012 at the national, European and Mediterranean level. This questionnaire also helped identify case studies to be shared during the Forum. In addition, all Forum guests were also be able to contribute to the call for ideas and innovative solutions including in other regional seas. Finally, the data collected as part of the update of the Mediterranean MPA database MAPAMED carried out by MedPAN and RAC/SPA, which analyses will be fed back during the Forum, will also contribute to the evaluation of the Roadmap.