SE2 - CEPF Med via AGIR: civil society and Marine Protected Areas management

29 November - 18:30 / 20:00 in room: Maroc 2

Organiser: CEPF and AGIR

Moderator: Houssine NIBANI, AGIR

Sesion overview

The challenges launched through the Aichi targets as a 2011-2020 Strategic Plan for Biodiversity, have been severely strained, in particular by committing to the conservation of 10% biodiversity in marine and coastal areas.
Marine protected areas are an important tool to meet this target, but their implementation is a real challenge for managers, especially in the countries of the South.
This Side Event will present the promising results of community-based MPA management, where the involvement of local community actors, from the onset and in full, are involved in a participatory research and planning process, and where fishermen and institutional actors exchange for the effective implementation of their MPAs, using a bottom-up approach that breaks up with traditional sectoral management.
CEPF programs have been able to strengthen managers, which in turn have involved hundreds of artisanal fishermen in different places, now able themselves to have autonomy in the management of MPAs for fisheries purposes. Marine resources are then valued, conserved, restored and used wisely, ensuring the maintenance of ecosystem services, maintaining their ecosystems in good health, and providing essential benefits to the entire local community.
Given the contextual similarities, MPA managers will be able, through this Side Event, to share their experience of implementing MPAs for fishing purposes in Southern Mediterranean countries and neighboring regions.