FSOB4a - Strengthening the Trust Fund for Mediterranean MPAs initiative

29 November - 14:30 / 16:00 in room Maroc 2

Organisers: MedPAN

Moderators: Purificacio Canals, MedPAN

Session overview:

The initiative to set up a sustainable financing mechanism for Mediterranean MPAs was initiated during the 2012 Mediterranean MPA Forum and was launched jointly by France, Monaco and Tunisia in October 2013 in Ajaccio, during the high-level session of the International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC3). It received political support from the countries bordering the Mediterranean, in the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean and the Barcelona Convention.
An association for the sustainable financing of Mediterranean MPAs has been created in 2015. The Association is a cooperation platform that aims to set up a trust-fund-type mechanism that should help to sustainably develop and improve the management of Mediterranean MPAs.
An update of the progress of the Mediterranean initiative will be made.
Lessons learned from other well-established regional conservation trust fund delivering conservation to marine areas around the world will be shared.


Progress achieved for the Trust Fund Initiative for Mediterranean MPAs
Speaker: H.E. Xavier Sticker, President of the association for sustainable financing of Mediterranean MPAs:


Overview of Conservation Trust Funds
Speaker:  Charles Besançon, Conservation Finance Alliance
Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) currently operate across the globe with total estimated assets of over 900 Million USD, funding mostly protected area projects. This presentation will provide an overview of CTFs including a short history and the primary mechanisms for their operation. Data from the 2014 Conservation Trust Investment Survey will be presented showing the geographic distribution of CTFs. The presentation will then describe the steps involved in developing a CTF and will provide resources for further study from the Conservation Finance Alliance, the network of networks for CTFs.


The example of BACoMaB Trust Fund
Speaker:  Constance Corbier-Barthaux, FFEM
The Trust Fund of Banc d’Arguin Coastal and Marine Biodiversity.


The example of Prespa Orchid Nature Trust Fund
Speaker:  Paule Gros, MAVA Foundation