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In the continuity of the 2012 Mediterranean MPA Forum (Antalya, Turkey), MedPAN, RAC/SPA, the Haut Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification and several partners organise the second edition of the Mediterranean MPA Forum from 28 November to 1st December in Tangier, Morocco. Four hundred participants are expected at this event.

Towards 2020 and beyond

Every 4 years, the Forum of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean triggers a unique process during which all interested parties tackle the challenges MPAs face in the region. The high point of this Forum process is a 4-day event to assess the progress made and what’s left ahead according to the MPA Roadmap developed at the 2012 Forum and now adopted by the Barcelona Convention. What should still be done to conserve by 2020 at least 10% of the Mediterranean Sea through effectively managed MPAs and other area-based conservation measures? How to address MPA issues with a long-term and integrated vision?

Contribute to the Forum
with your ideas and innovative solutions...

This Forum stems from a common construction and requires the commitment of all.

Whether you are:

  • an MPA manager,
  • a policy maker,
  • a private operator,
  • representing an NGO,
  • a scientist,
  • or even an MPA user...

... MPAs are everyone's business!

Share your ideas or innovative solutions, you'll contribute  to the achievements of the MPA Roadmap and enrich the content of the Forum by answering this short questionnaire before 20 July 2016.


Beyond the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the 2016 Forum has the ambition to consider other challenges that MPAs face, related to climate change in particular, and therefore will also echo the COP22 of Marrakech. The Forum that will be held just after the COP22 will be the first opportunity to share the results with Mediterranean actors, especially regarding the role of oceans and MPAs in the fight against climate change.

By choosing Morocco and Tangier for the 2016 edition of this Mediterranean Forum, the organisers also want to promote the initiatives and support the dynamics in motion in these territories. Besides the link with the Marrakech Conference on Climate Change (COP22), the issues of conservation and sustainable development that are locally at stake will therefore be promoted in the framework of the Forum, in particular through a field visit to the site of the future MPA of Djebel Moussa (on 28 November) and a special Morocco session.