The 2016 MPA Status

Spotlight on the 2016 Mediterranean marine protected areas Status in 2016..

Mediterranean MPA Roadmap (updated in 2016)

Roadmap elaborated following the 2012 MPA Forum and updated after the 2016 MPA Forum in Tangier ..

Tangier declaration and MPA Forum recommendations

Read the Tangier declaration and the Forum recommendations, available in 3 languages !


Photos and videos !

All photos taken during the AMP Forum are available here ..


Flickr RAC/SPA :

2016 MPA Forum - objectives, programme and list participants

Take a look at the objectives, the program and the list of participants of the Forum in Morocco!

2016 MPA Forum Organisers and Partners

Many thanks to all the partners of the 2016 MPA Forum who contributed to the success of our event !