2016 Forum programme


Closure plenary session

Moderators: Marie Romani, MedPAN & Souha El Asmi, RAC/SPA 


Mid-term (2016) evaluation of the MPA Roadmap

The 2016 MPA Forum is the occasion for a mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the 2012-2020 Roadmap ..

CEPF Med via AGIR: civil society and marine protected areas management

Organisers : CEPF & AGIR

Speaker: Houssine NIBANI, AGIR 


Marine protected areas are an important tool to meet this target, but their implementation is a real challenge for managers ..


RAC/SPA & ACCOBAMS: 20 years of collaboration ...

Organisers : ACCOBAMS & RAC/SPA
Moderator: Patrick VAN KLAVEREN


For the last 20 years, ACCOBAMS and UNEP/MAP-RAC/SPA have been working together to achieve and maintain a favorable conservation status for cetaceans..


Secrets behind the success of Regional MPA networks & Regional Conventions to achieve global challenges

Organisers :  MedPAN & RAC/SPA
Moderator : Charlotte Gobin, consultant


Regional MPA networks have either part of, or developed strong collaborations with Regional Conventions (Regional Seas Conventions, RFMOs…) to help achieve Aichi target 11, SAMOA Pathway, SGD14.5 and other global goals..